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Antistripping Compound

Yuva B.E. 100

Yuva B.E.-100 is unique antistripping agent based on American formulation. It is an additive to bitumen for long lasting life of bituminous roads. Due to its unique properties, it helps in creating strong bond between the bitumen and aggregate, which avoids water penetration, hence avoiding the formation of pot holes and further heavy deterioration of roads.


• Strong bonding between Bitumen and Aggregate
• Longer road life
• Cost effective
• Low dosage


Appearance :- Liquid/Soild
Sp. Gravity at 270C:- 0.860-1.03
Pour Point0C Max:- 39
Flash Point0C (COC) min.:- 150
Water content % Vol. Max :- 1
Solubility in diesel oil (HDO or LDO) in the ratio of 2:98 at 500C. :- Complete
Total base value mg KoH/g min :- 200 Min
Nitrogen content % wt. Min :- 7 min
Stripping value with bitumen containing 0.75% wt. Antistripping compound at 400C 24 hours :- No stripping
Under water coating test :- Complete coating
Thermal stability at 163 0C,5 hrs :- No loss in efficacy
Marshall stability % :- 90 Min


a) Hot mix plant – Ideal way to get best possible results is to add Yuva B E 100 in storage tank of bitumen. Considering the quantity of bitumen add 1% Yuva B E 100 in the tank. This mixture of bitumen and Yuva B. E. 100 then flows to the stone metal through pipe and the mixture becomes homogenous.

b) At the work site where there is no provision of hot mix plant then one can add Yuva B E 100 in the drum of the bitumen while the bitumen is hot (at the ratio considering drum contains 200 Kgs bitumen add 2 Kgs Yuva B E 100). If there is no weighing balance, one litre container can be used. (Like tin of oil of one litre).

c) Where hot bitumen is spread on the metal by way of zari the same procedure can be followed.

d) Where metal and bitumen both are heated there also YUVA B.E.100 can be used. It is observed after many trials that the best results are obtained if YUVA B. E. 100 is mixed when the bitumen is hot at the temperature of 1400C. It does not give any adverse effect even though the temperature of bitumen or the mixture goes beyond 1400C. The chemical stands at higher temperature and does not get decomposed even if kept unused or open for more than two years.


0.2 % - 1.2% depending on the application

 • Disinfectants  •  Biocides  •  Antistripping Compound  •  Defence Applications  •  Textile Applications  •  Resins  •  Reactive Diluents  •  Hardeners  •  Construction  •  Leather treatment chemicals  •  Pharma-API  •  Pharma Intermediates