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RC Wax Emulsion

RC WAX EMULSION is a unique formulation. It is a specially formulated emulsion of wax in which the suspended wax particles are finely distributed with the help of specially developed emulsifiers.

The combination of the wax and emulsifiers being well balanced, it helps in achieving the required properties during applications.


• Base Wax : Paraffin
• Acid Sensitivity : Stability at pH 3
• Alkali Sensitivity : Stability at pH 11.5
• pH (as such) : 4.5 to 5.5
• Ionic Nature : Non Ionic


Appearance : White Milky Liquid
% Solids at 1200C for 3 hrs.; min : 40
pH as such at 250C : 4.5 TO 5.5
Specific gravity at 250C : 0.96 - 0.98
Viscosity at 250C by b4 cup in seconds : 15 - 25


RC WAX EMULSION can be easily diluted in water. The emulsion stability being excellent the product can be diluted to any desired concentration.

RC WAX EMULSION gives excellent water repellency properties . It being in emulsion state,it makes the application simpler and enables simultaneous addition of other aqueous media.

Other range of products

Waterproofing Systems:
No.   Product   Description   Application
1   RC-SNP/SL   Intergral waterproofing compound for concrete and plaster   Waterproofing in cement and plaster
2   RC-SNP/SP   Intergral powder waterproofing compound for plaster   Internal and external plasters, waterproofing of terrace, tannels and watertanks etc.

No.   Product   Description   Application
1   RC-SP/SA   Single component acrylic heavy duty waterproof coating   Used for internal, external walls, repairs of balconies, terrace and parapet walls.
2   RC-SP/SA-2   Two component acrylic flexible system   Waterproofing of water tanks, terrace, septic tanks, swimming pools and internal /external walls.
3   RC-SP/SB-R   Bitumen emulsion based waterproof coating   Waterproofing of terraces, sewage pipes, tanks, roofs, structures and areas in contact with sewage.
4   RC-SP/SB-W   Solvent based rubberized coating   Used in ac roofs, ledges and masonry surfaces.

Concrete Admixtures:
No.   Product   Description   Application
1   RC-SPL/SL   Water reducing plasticizing admixture for concrete   used for highways, bridge, decks casting of columns, mass concrete shuttering, for dams.
2   RC-SPL/SN   Water reducing and accelerating admixture for concrete   Used in concrete pipes, concrete block, water casting concrete, brick laying.
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