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Reactive Diluents

YUVA DP - (Phenyl Glycidyl Ether)
Phenol based


• Increase in pot life
• No change in exotherm
• Slight increase in water absorption
• Slight decrease in flexural strength
• Slight increase in weight loss at 200 0C after 48 hours


Appearance : Light straw colour

Type : Reactive diluent thin liquid

Density at 250C : 1.11 – 1.13

Solvent : Nil

Viscosity @ : 15 - 40

Colour (Gardner) : 2 (Max) 250C(cPs)

Ep.equivalent : 180 - 210

% Active matter : 100


Yuva DP is used to reduce the viscosity of the epoxy resins without altering the mechanical and electrical properties to a greater extent. The viscosity is reduced to a greater extent which improves the wetting property and the filler loading capacity of the epoxy resin.Liquid epoxy resins can be replaced fully or partly by Yuva DP in the manufacturing of hardeners based on epoxy polyamine adducts.

Cardanol based

Yuva DC is a card- phenol based reactive epoxy diluent


Yuva CL-100 and Yuva DC when used in combination gives the following unique features :

• Viscosity reduction : 50% and above viscosity of the resin can be obtained by just 10% addition of Yuva DC.

• Increase in flexibility : With addition of 15% Yuva DC the hardness of the resins is not reduced.It increases the flexibility, the impact resistance as well as thermal shock resistance

• Cost effective : On addition of Yuva DC, the viscosity is reduced,due to which higher filler loading is possible for casting and potting applications which results in direct costing saving.

Higher filler loading helps to achieve higher compressive strength, lower coefficient of expansion and lower exotherm and lower shrinkage.

• Stability : The addition of Yuva DC in the epoxy resin system reduces the internal stress and improves flexural modulus which helps in improving the dimensional stability of cured product.


Appearance : Reddish brown clear liquid

Type : Reactive diluent (CNSL based)

Density at 250C : 0.96 – 0.97

Solvent : Nil

Viscosity @ 250C(cPs) : 55 - 75

Colour (Gardner) : 13 (Max)

Epoxide equivalent : 450 - 550

% Active matter : 100


Floor and surfacing compounds – Ferrazzo floors

Surface Coatings

Potting and Encapsulation of electrical and electronic components.

Curing agent adducts

Lamination with glass fibres


Butanol based

Yuva BGE(Butyl Glycidyl Ether) is a reactive diluent


Appearance : clear thin liquid with Characteristic odour

Type : Reactive diluent (Butyl Glycidyl Ether)

Density at 250C : 0.90 – 0.95

Solvent : Nil

Viscosity @ 250C(cPs) : 5 –10

Colour (Gardner) : 2 (Max)

Epoxide equivalent : 140 - 170

% Active matter : 100


Yuva BGE is used to reduce the viscosity of the epoxy resins and improving the handling properties of liquid epoxy resins. It is characterized by its high capacity of dilution. The addition of low percentage weight of Yuva BGE results in considerable drop in viscosity of liquid epoxy resins. It should not be over 15% weight of liquid epoxy resin as it brings considerable deterioration in cured properties. further it should be used for room temperature curing applications as considerable vapour pressure occurs above 500C

Yuva BGE finds application in following fields :

Electrical laminates

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