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Textile Applications


Softening agent and processing aid for cellulosic and polyester / cellulose blended fabrics


• Good softener and antistatic agent for all fibres.

• Good non – yellowing properties.

• Minimises scorching of bleached cotton during Heat setting up to 2000C


Appearance : Off white smooth paste

Longoencity : Cationic

Stability : Stable to hard water and to acids, but should

not be used above pH 8.5.

Compatibility : Wherever anionic products are present, it is advisable to first check their compatibility with Yuva Soft CL in the laboratory


As a softener

As an antistatic agent

As a processing aid. The low fibre to metal friction and low to medium fibre to fibre friction imparted to acrylic fibres have proved ideal for the conversion of fibre and tow into yarn.


It is a non-yellowing, non-ionic softener which imparts non-greasy, soft handle to wide range of fabrics. Due to its excellent lubricity it gives low fibre / metal and fibre friction.


Appearance - White coloured smooth paste

Ionic nature - Non – ionic

PH of 2% solution - Easily dispersible

Dispersion (10%) - 9.5 ± 0.5

Compatibility - Compatible with anionic, cationic and non-ionic surfactants.


Due to the compatibility of Yuva soft 100 with anionic, nonionic and cationic auxiliaries they can be taken in single finishing stage processes.

On applying 25 – 30 g/1 Yuva soft 100 to yarn packages in the final rinse after dyeing it was observed that the lubricity of the dyed yarn improved satisfactorily.

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Yuva soft OT excellent wetting / rewetting agent for lightly woven fabrics.

Yuvasoft is an excellent anionic wetting / rewetting agent. Addition of Yuva Soft OT in small quantity can increase absorbency of tightly woven fabrics. (Suitable for prewetting Prior to dyeing)

It is an excellent rewetting / wetting property. It increases absorbing capacity of fabrics. It is excellent anionic wetting agent.


Appearance - Clear, colourless to pale yellow liquid

pH of 2% aq soln. - 5 – 6

1% aqueous soln. - clear and stable

Ionic nature - Anionic

Compatibility - Compatible with anionic, nonionic surfactants.


In the Padding process 1.5 to 2.5 g/I of Yuva Soft OT is added for good penetration and even distribution.

Desizing process 0.30 to 1.9 g/1 of Yuva Soft OT for effective starch desize.

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