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Textile Applications


Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion (Plasticised)


Appearance : White Uniform Paste
pH : 5 to 6
Viscosity : 500 to 700 Poises (By Brook Field Viscometer)
Solids (Non-Volatiles) : 50 ± 1%
Plasticiser Content : 5 to 6% (Plasticiser Content on Percentage of Solids
pH Stability : 2 – 10
Particle Size : 1 – 2 Microns
Sp. Gravity : 1 – 1.1


Finishing of Cotton, Rayon, Nylon, Synthetic Fabrics and Cotton Blends,semipermanently or permanently. Bonding of Non-Woven Fabrics and Stiffening of Top Puff’s & Industrial Hat Felts. As a Retexurising Agent during Dry Cleaning and as Domestic Permanent Starch.

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Appearance - White thin dispersion
Ionic nature - Non – Ionic
Solubility - Can be diluted with cold as well hot water
pH - Weakly acidic (1% dispersion) (4.2 – 4.5)
Stability - Stable to hard water
Shelf life - Very good, after use the container should be closed to avoid drying up of the contents and skin formation


It imparts a durable, fuller finish to textile fabrics. Finish process is usually carried out on padding mangle. The temp of the padding liquor varies between 200C - 700C depending upon the wetting properties of the material. The drying temperature should not be below 80C. The required concentration varies depending on type of material handled desired by squeezing effect.


Yuvableach HP helps in reducing the consumption of hydrogen peroxide by controlling the decay of hydrogen peroxide in bleaching bath.


Appearance - Clear colourless mobile liquid
Ionic nature - Anionic
PH - 4.5 to 5.5 of 1% solution
Specific gravity - 1.14 to 1.17
Compatibility - Excellent with anionic and non-ionic whitening agent and auxiliaries.


It is recommended that the stabilizer to be added to the water before any other chemicals or auxiliaries to obtain the output from Yuvableach Hp. This insures that trace metals in the water are inactivated before peroxide decay can occur. However, if it is impractical to add, Yuvableach HP first, excellent stabilization can be achieved provided that the peroxide is added after the stabilizer. It is advantages to run for 5 – 10 minutes before addition of the peroxide. Yuvableach Hp will help to minimize the deposition of insoluble salts on to fibres or machine by effectively dispersing them.

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Yuva suf of is specially formulated surfactant predominantly based on Alpha – Olefin sulphonate . It has excellent detergency both in soft and hand water. It can be easily extruded , provide lubricity, increase the production rate. It is an anti caking agent in rubber.

Soaping of dyed and printed material 1 to 2 g/l of yuva suf of at 80 0C for 30 to 40 minutes.

Wetting of cotton hosiery 0.5% to 1% Yuva suf of gives good wetting of cotton Hosiery fabrics when loaded in winches etc.

Stain removal in grey good. The stains coming from looms can be cleaned by working the good over 4 to 6 end on jigger in a liquor containing 5 – 10 g/l Yuva suf of at 80 0C

2-3 g/l of yuva suf of can be used for good degumming of silk yarn / fabric.


Appearance - Clear yellow liquid
PH - 6.0 - 7.0.
Active matter - 30 ± 2
10 –1 solution - clear solution


Yuva AL EM is a powerful wetting and penetrating agent for mercerization of grey goods, poplins, drills, gaberdines.

Yuva Al EM gives rapid, through penetration and uniform distribution of mercerizing liquor on the fabric within a given time of contact to obtain uniform luster and finish. It is readily soluble in 28 - 32 Be or 48 – 58 Tw Caustic soda solution.


Ph 2% aqueous : Clear yellow liquid
2 % aqueous soln. : 10. 0 ±1.0
Lonogenecity : Anionic
Compatibility : Compatible with strong Caustic soda solution


0.5 – 1.0 litre YUVA – AL – MEM is added to 100 litres of mercerizing liquor to get uniform wetting and thorough penetration.

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